Tac Dat Tac Vang Real Estate Services includes:

Real estate brokerage and consulting: TDTV’s real estate brokerage and consulting services always increase transaction opportunities. Always understanding the needs and choices of customers, we have effective sales plans and solutions as well as consulting solutions on market and price for project investors and customers.

tdtv.com.vn is a real estate information channel specializing in buying and selling houses and managing apartments for short and long term rental. Professional staff, experienced in land legal advice, the most prestigious TDTV real estate service today.

Real estate information Tac Dat Tac Vang aims to serve and solve problems quickly and satisfy the needs of customers. Real Estate TDTV news channel gives customers peace of mind, trust and pride in providing the most accurate real estate advice.

Real estate management and apartment rental: TDTV real estate trading floor has a team of dedicated and experienced consultants who will help you manage and trade TDTV real estate in accordance with your needs and family. increase the value of the client’s real estate.

With a team of professional, dedicated and experienced staff, we guarantee to bring our customers peace of mind and satisfaction when coming to Real Estate Consulting Services.

Apartment rental service by day

Apartment for rent by day is a fully furnished apartment, modern high-class facilities like a hotel. You can get many utilities attached when choosing this apartment.

Apartment rental service by day is a recent emerging trend favored by many customers. This apartment model has both the characteristics of a hotel apartment and the sound of fresh and quiet luxury villas and resorts.

This short-term apartment rental service becomes the first choice for those who travel for business or leisure who want to enjoy a new and comfortable taste with free modern amenities attached.


With more than 200 agents and partners nationwide, each year, thousands of products are distributed to customers across the country. Especially, with the establishment of G5 Alliance – Strong Real Estate Alliance – TDTV has covered the whole country and become the largest real estate distribution corporation in the country.

TDTV is a leader in helping customers find unique real estate information with optimal frequency on the internet space and maximize the information collected for customers over the years. ‘s experience

TDTV in providing premium home entertainment products to customers in Vietnam, connecting brands with audiences across all social networks and producing accurate results. Our existing OEM partners including batdongsan.com.vn, chotot.com, are committed to join us in 2021. We are growing rapidly globally and we are hiring! Contact us at [email protected] i

TDTV leading real estate information in Vietnam

To get accurate information from real estate projects, contact the real estate company immediately.

TDTV real estate

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