5 Dangers Many Powerful Leaders Aren’t Objectively Introspective

Wake up, America, because, if the individual, and/ or, individuals, you vote for, and elect, supposedly, to serve and represent the public’s common good, are. either, unwilling, or not ready, to pursue ideas, which are idealistic, while being pragmatic, enough, to consider various options and alternatives (not, simply, his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest), our nation and citizens, in the longer – run, will be losers! Powerful public leaders must align a high degree of objectivity, with a willingness to be truly, introspective, if they hope, to make a difference, for the better, rather than, merely, change, for change – sake! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 potential dangers, when the wrong – type of individuals, are elected.

1. Unbalanced views: Beware, always, of anyone, with a, My way or the highway, perspective, and orientation! No one, no matter, how well – intentioned/ meaning, has all the answers, nor, even, can always, perceive, and conceive, of all the options, and potential considerations! When someone, refuses, to admit, his ideas, perhaps, might be improved, by modifications, etc, it produces, a lack of balance, and serving the needs, of the greater good. If, he can’t admit, any personal faults/ lack of understanding, how can he address all the needs? The current, United States President, Donald Trump, appears to, consistently, resist any possibility of his having personal responsibility, making an error, or, it seems, even, considering alternatives. Whether this is due to ego, narcissism, or lack of understanding and thorough, relevant knowledge, by refusing to be introspective, and looking, objectively, at himself, the nation’s possibilities, and alternatives, are weakened!

2. Won’t expand comfort zone: When/ if, anyone refuses to expand the self – imposed, limitations of his comfort zone, his constituents,. generally, lose! How can anyone, become better, and more thorough, without doing so?

3. Don’t effectively listen, with genuine empathy: Don’t we deserve to be served and represented by individuals, who are willing, and capable of effectively listening, and learning, from every conversation, instead of falling – in – love, with the sound, of his own voice? Great leaders, consistently, proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy!

4. Limits perceptions and alternatives: When, one limits his possibilities, he limits his perceptions, and ability to consider options and alternatives! We need to elect people, who have the inner strength, and fortitude, to make a true difference, for the better!

5. Isn’t honest with himself: It’s never in our best interests, when any public official, refuses to be, absolutely, honest, with himself, and proceed, with the utmost degree of, putting – others – first!

These are simply, 5 dangers, when powerful, public officials, refuse to be, objectively introspective. Voters must take the time, and personal responsibility, to consider, the quality of character, of any candidate!

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