5 Areas, We’re Witnessing More Over – Simplistic Public Policy

What good does it do, when our elected officials, instead of proceeding, with a well – considered, priorities – based, approach, resorts to populist, empty rhetoric and promises? It seems to many, we are witnessing, an era, where there is far, too much, over – simplistic, public statements, and blaming/ complaining, instead of pragmatic idealism, which seeks viable solutions, instead! The negative ramifications of this process, include: poorly designed ideas; excessive procrastination; not enough, in – depth, planning; and more ill – conceived, populist rhetoric, than meaningful plans, etc! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific areas, where this focus on seeking the path – of – least – resistance, becomes the norm, and the public’s best interests, lose!

1. Immigration policy: Throughout, much of this nation’s history, how to best handle, immigration – related issues and policies, has become a political football! There is no meaningful, over – simplistic way, to consider, the options and alternatives! Politicians, often, used to blame earlier immigrants, such as the Irish, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, etc, in order, apparently, to gain favor, with some of their constituents. However, never – before, in recent history, have we witnessed, what we do, today, when President Donald Trump, in many ways, articulates an anti – immigrant message, using negative rhetoric, etc! In order to appeal to those, who, seem to want to blame somebody, for any perceived personal challenges/ needs, this message seems to resonate, as does the apparent fixation with, what many experts, believed, is his emphasis on an ill – conceived, ineffective, expensive, Southern Wall!

2. Economy/ tax system: It should be no surprise, most people, prefer to pay lower taxes! However, when this is done, as the tax reform, passed, along party lines, in 2017, in a way, which predominantly benefits the wealthiest, and the largest corporations, instead of the middle class, etc, the potential for class – division, increases, exponentially! In addition, most economists believe, the long – term ramifications of the huge deficits, will harm, this nation, for, at least, decades!

3. Political campaigns: The political campaign process, in this nation, differs from nearly anywhere else, in the world, in terms of the huge amounts of monies expended, as well as the length of time, politicians campaign, and the often – unsubstantiated, or irrelevant rhetoric, etc, articulated. This produces far too much, empty rhetoric, and very few accomplishments!

4. Blame/ complain, instead of solutions: No one benefits, when blaming and complaining, and empty promises, are the norm, and far too little focus is paid on viable solutions, which combine, idealism and needs, with pragmatism!

5. Foreign policy: While there have been, many issues, with the foreign policies, from previous administrations, what we’ve witnessed, in the past three years, has been, apparently, erratic, and, often, supportive of our historic enemies/ foes, rather than our traditional allies! Doesn’t that put us, at greater – risk?

When public policy, is based, more on rhetoric, and over – simplistic, articulations, no one benefits! Wake up, America, and demand better, before it’s too late!

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